Mental Health


5 wellbeing and mental health tips for small business owners

Small business owners are some of the most resilient, adaptable and committed people in our community. Dr Sadhbh Joyce has seen this first-hand as a senior...

Get discomfortable

In a world that pushes mindfulness, gratitude and resilience, David Burroughs explores the notion of facing into discomfort, rather than away from it.

5 insights into small business wellbeing from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business leaders

An expert panel of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders draw on their experiences in building mentally healthy workplaces.

How work stress affects fathers

Running a business while raising kids is no small feat. Here’s a quick quiz to check your stress levels and resources to help manage your wellbeing.

Nothing left in the tank? 10 strategies to avoid burnout in your small business

How to avoid small business burnout according to Organisational Psychologist Sarah Cotton.

Boundaries over balance: How to juggle parenting with running a small business

Tired of the term ‘work–life balance’? We hear you. First coined during the mid-1980s, ‘work–life balance’ is a notion many of us are still...

How to support your employees coming back to the office

Once seen as a perk, flexible work became an overnight necessity for almost every workplace in 2020. This pivot was particularly challenging for small...

How you can support the mental wellbeing of small business owners

Working long hours, cash flow issues, social isolation and balancing work and domestic responsibilities are some of the unique challenges small business...

4 ways to manage your mental health while running a small business

Jo Blankfield at a signing for her book, ‘Your Body Your Style’. It’s 2018 and stress is considered part of everyday life. But there is a...

4 foolproof ways to manage business stress

1. Remember your passion The reason many of us embark on self-employment is that we have passion for our profession. That can get lost in the rush to meet...