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Intellectual Property


Don’t hire IP problems when recruiting

It’s often said that hiring decisions are the most important decisions made by managers and business owners. Would you be interested in bringing the...

7 steps to protect your IP overseas

What do I need to know about IP before I trade internationally? Australia is one of the 15 wealthiest countries on Earth. Despite this, it only makes...

4 things to ask yourself before engaging a patent attorney

You’ve invented something. Congratulations! So what do you do to make sure your invention is safe from imitators? Your next step is to apply for a patent...

4 intellectual property considerations for software ownership

This is a preview of the upcoming “IP for Digital Business” content, to be released on the IP Australia website later this year. Have you ever received...

Seven IP mistakes businesses make

Despite its importance, business owners and managers routinely make easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to their intellectual property and the laws that protect it.