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How a professional business “namer” comes up with ideas

My name is Ben, and people pay me to name things for them. As a matter of fact, I named the cafe I am currently writing this article in. I’ve also...

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3 ways to guarantee success in family business

Running a family business is both rewarding and challenging. There’s the immense satisfaction of blazing your own trail and building something valuable...

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6 tasks to lead your business into the new year

January’s already behind you. You’ve packed away the last of the tinsel. The school holidays are over and we hear that collective sigh from parents...

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Making the leap: 7 lessons learned from female entrepreneurs

Clockwise from Left: Correne Wilkie , Jane Martino, Fern White, Sonia Lear, Natalie Warner, Nellie Kerrison, and Kemi Nekvapil. What does a leap look like?...

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