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Articles by Lauren Crystal

Lauren Crystal is the Managing Director of award-winning agency Your Creative and co-founder of the project collaboration tool Hassl, a web and mobile app that let’s you manage your projects, files and communications from one platform. Hassl, chosen as Forbes Under 30 Summit’s ‘Ideas of the Year’ as well as 2019 Google startup participant, offers a simple way to manage teams remotely. Lauren is a prominent speaker on creative growth strategies and team productivity, most notably speaking at Pausefest Summit, Property Council and TEDx Melbourne.


5 essential tips for managing teams remotely

If there is one thing the world has learnt recently, it’s that remote working is here to stay. Working from home is rapidly becoming an essential part...

7 steps to reduce email anxiety

It has the power to change your day with a single notification – for better or worse. It might be an acceptance email from University or a client...

8 to-do list productivity boosters

Small business owners will all know that feeling of task anxiety; that moment after you frantically write down a list of projects, tasks and due dates...