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Articles by David Kwei

David Kwei is a principal intellectual property lawyer at Epiphany Law. He loves advising about IP in a way that empowers his clients to make better IP decisions when he’s not around. He’s also passionate about finding new ways to operate the modern law firm to deliver efficiencies to clients and work-life balance to staff. His practice encompasses brand protection and enforcement (trade marks) in Australia and overseas, copyright advice and enforcement, licensing and commercialising IP-based businesses, contract drafting and advice.


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7 steps to protect your IP overseas

What do I need to know about IP before I trade internationally? Australia is one of the 15 wealthiest countries on Earth. Despite this, it only makes...

Trade marks in China: a different world

China’s trade mark laws work differently from most other places – here’s how! You can lose your trade mark rights in China if you’re slow to...

Seven IP mistakes businesses make

Despite its importance, business owners and managers routinely make easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to their intellectual property and the laws that protect it.